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                    Our content management system cPortals gives users the power to manage website content with an easy-to-use set of feature-rich tools.

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                    UX Design Solutions

                    Great user experience is at the heart of everything we do. Understanding how users will interact with your product is key to building a successful platform.

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                  • Underneath The Interface

                    Underneath The Interface

                    We create bespoke developments and CRM systems using innovative technologies to help businesses streamline their processes and perform at their full potential

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                  With 20 years experience offering bespoke design and development solutions we have carved out four sectors we excel at.

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                  Building bespoke, attractive and easy to use websites has been our focus for 20 years.

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                  We have vast experience developing apps for both iOS and Android devices.

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                  We create identities and campaigns for print and screen that communicate and inspire.

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                  Projects vary from working with Virtual Reality to the exciting world of the "Internet of Things".


                  Our approach is to foster long term relationships with our clients whatever the project. Here is just a sample of the great people we work with.

                  Our Work


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                  We have been working with the Cuttlefish team for around five years, and they have assisted us through the design process of two versions of our site. The team are great at listening and understanding what you want to achieve from your website, and the process of receiving draft ideas right through to completion was very timely. Also, the aftercare once completed is brilliant, we always feel very supported by the whole team!

                  Georgie Messenger

                  Communications Officer

                  Active Dorset

                  The team at Cuttlefish have been great from start to finish. From initial discussions about what we wanted from the website to logo designs, layout and colour palettes, and then down to the support we've received once the website went live, Cuttlefish have been collaborative, accommodating and patient throughout.

                  Daley Francis

                  Communications Officer

                  Charnwood Borough Council

                  We have worked with Cuttlefish for many years in the development and review of our website and have been very pleased with the support and creativity provided. Would definately recommend.

                  Caroline Harbison

                  Anti-Bullying Development Officer

                  Leicestershire County Council

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                  Head of Business Development

                  Active Partnerships

                  The development of cCMS has been integral to the development of Nintendo Life, which in turn has fed back countless features and optimisations into cCMS. As the site has grown over the years we have been able to overcome these growing pains thanks to the underlying technology the site is built upon.

                  Anthony Dickens

                  Managing Director

                  Nintendo Life

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                  Adam Pryor

                  Translational Scientist

                  Loughborough University

                  Can't speak highly enough of Cuttlefish - always deliver great design and good ideas on time and to budget - reliable and friendly, what more could you want!

                  James Alexander

                  Optometrist and Practice Owner

                  Simmons Opticians

                  Excellent service and bespoke website design. Great online customer service and training

                  Elaine Anderson-Brown

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                  Active Suffolk

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                  Jayne Maltby

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                  Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport

                  We found the Cuttlefish team creative, supportive and professional, helping us to convert ideas into a quality app.


                  Professor of Psychology & Director of the Clinical Sleep Research Unit



                  We would love to hear about your next project or any ideas you have planned. Please get in touch below to see what we can do for you!

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